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Remote Learning Resources

Here is a list of learning resources to do at home for our students and families.

Remote Learning Resources

Audible: https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

Kids of all ages can stream free audiobooks in 6 different languages. No sign ups, no personal information required


12-Story Library: www.12storylibrary.com

Access to full library of ebooks, each are paired with a unique resource web page with content updates live news feeds, videos, image galleries, and lesson plans


3P Learning: http://3plearning.com/distance-teaching

Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Early Childhood, STEM, Spelling. Education software that inspires a love of learning.


ABDO digital: https://abdodigital.com

AbDo’s entire eBook collection is now available to students to access at home.


Achieve 3000: https://achieve3000.com


PBS: https://pbskids.org/apps/pbs-kids-video.html

The PBS KIDS Video app gives kids and parents access to thousands of free videos, including full episodes and clips from top PBS KIDS series. Stream the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel on the app for free (no subscription or login required). Tap the “LIVE TV” button to watch what’s airing on your local PBS station right now.


National Geographic: https://www.facebook.com/natgeo/

Offering pictures and videos from around the world for kids and families to watch and learn from.


Active Learn: www.activelearn.com

Grade: 6-12 grades

Digital curriculum platform for grades 6-12 ELA, SS, and Science. Catalog includes over 3,000 texts, videos, and simulations that include questions, scaffolding notes, and multimedia to support all learners. Seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom


Adventure 2 Learn: https://app.adventure2learn.com

Grade: Preschool-8th

-Code: LEARN60

Video-centered education platform that’s used in elementary schools, providing core curriculum and emerging subjects (e.g. Mindfulness, online behavior) in a way that’s fun and exciting for today’s learners


TED Talks: https://www.ted.com/playlists/86/talks_to_watch_with_kids

Age: 10 yrs and up

Kid inspirational and educational TED Talks videos created for kids each in 5 minutes or less.


American Archive of Public Broadcasting: https://americanarchive.org

Grade: 6th-8th, High School, and Higher Education

Collaboration with Library of Congress and the WGBH Educational Foundation to coordinate national efforts to preserve at-risk public media. Access to thousands of historic public television and radio programs

- Social Studies

- Primary Sources


Boom Learning https://wow.boomlearning.com/

Teachers create the resources for personal use, use with colleagues, and/or for distribution. Boom Cards can process and report student performance data.


Yurok Tribe Language Department: quizlet.com

Age: All ages

Beginning Yurok Class

the Beginning Yurok class, Join the class by using this code https://quizlet.com/join/rk2DuagSh


Yurok Tribe Language Department: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wJePwzrn-sI

Grade/Age: Middle school to adult

Inside California: Saving the Yurok Language


Yurok Tribe Language Department: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iY-9fRShhH4

Grade/Age: Middle school to adult

Aawook Glenn Moore Sr. on Yurok language


Yurok Tribe Language Department: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC67kvxErRvWm5b54lk6xpOA

Grade/Age: Middle school to adult

Brittany Vigil of the Yurok Language Department shares a series of videos on Yurok language


Story Line: https://www.storylineonline.net/

Grade: K-4th


Oxford Owl: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home

Age: 3-11 years old

"Free Ebooks” Age appropriate activities. Reading, English, Math & More


PBS Kids: https://pbskids.org/games/reading/

Age: 3-8 years old

Reading Games from PBS TV shows


Starfall: https://www.starfall.com/h/

Grade: Pre-K to 2nd

reading games, printable material


National Geographic Kids: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/

Age: All ages

"reading material themed on animals, videos and games"


We Are Teachers: https://tinyurl.com/rsd5nge

Grade: K to 5th

"The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Aloud & Activities"


Facebook Read Brightly: https://www.facebook.com/watch/ReadBrightly/

Age: 0 to 13 yrs.

"Classic Books read out loud on Brightly FB page"


Capit Learning: https://capitlearning.com/capit-at-home-enrollment

Teaching to read with phonics, available to schools at no charge for the rest of the school year. Educators are empowered to deliver high-level reading instruction.


Centervention: https://www.centervention.com/

Grade: K-8

Game-based interventions that focus on improving social and emotional skills


CERT: https://certforschools.com

Grade: Seniors

ACT/SAT Common Core Focused Individual Remediation


Classbloom: www.classbloom.com

Grade/Age: ALL

Math, Reading. Supplemental Reading and Math instruction designed to help teachers teach grade-level standards. Includes close reading passages, math problems at 3 levels of difficulty, real-time communication, easy grading. Use on any device


COOL Cloudwise: https://www.cloudwise.cool/

Grade: K-2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th-8th, High School, Higher Education

Education based learning Platform and it’s built for teachers by teachers.


ReadAskChat: https://readaskchat.net/get-the-app/

Age: Early Childhood

Highly curated, beautifully illustrated digital library that provides parents, caregivers, and teachers of children six months to four years with all the guidance they need to lay a strong foundation for reading and love of learning.


Review Game Zone: https://reviewgamzone.com/subjects.php

Grade/Age: ALL

Educational website for students to learn and play games. The arcade games are set up so students have to answer a general knowledge question in the subject area they are learning in order to play. They provide trivia question review game format where the more often they provide a correct answer the longer play time they get.

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